Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Valbuena tells judge: "Benzema made me fearful"

The French footballer Mathieu Valbuena, who was allegedly subjected to a blackmail plot in which his international teammate Karim Benzema was complicit, revealed to the judge back in November that the Real Madrid striker made him fearful when they talked about the sex tape which the case revolved around.
On 6th October, Benzema told Valbuena that there were no other copies of the video, which he himself had seen, and warned him that the people who had the tape in their possession were "very, very bad", according to reports by 'Le Monde'.
The Lyon player explained that, to begin with, he thought that Benzema only wished to inform him, but he then became suspicious when he realised that the Real Madrid striker insisted on introducing a middleman, although Benzema never urged him to pay or acted aggressively.
As a precautionary measure, French justice has forbidden any contact between the two players and the French FA decided to suspend Benzema from the national team pending the outcome of the legal proceedings.

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