Thursday, 14 January 2016

Guardiola apologises to Premier League managers

Pep Guardiola has apologised from Qatar to anyone that may have been affected by his announcement that he wants to coach in the Premier League, stating that it showed a lack of respect to those currently working in the English top flight.

"I am sorry. Normally, in my career as a trainer, as a player, I respect a lot my colleagues, so I am sorry. It wasn't my intention", remarked Guardiola, going on to say that he would confirm who his next team would be when the time is right.

"I've never coached in England, I've only ever been there for Champions League games with Bayern and Barcelona. I know it's a special competition, but I don't know how they work there... I'll have to wait and see", Guardiola said.
"I would have liked to have stayed at Barcelona for 20 years, at home and with those amazing footballers. But I'm a person who likes to get to know and experience new things. That's the only reason", he claimed.
"With that in mind I hope that my career doesn't end in England. After that I'm sure I'll be interested in going to another place", stressed the Catalan coach.

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