Sunday, 3 January 2016

Ronaldo reveals plans for life after football

Cristiano Ronaldo says he will live like a king when he retires from football, but he does not envisage himself remaining in the game as a manager.

"There is another life after football,” he said in an interview with Papel.

“I think at first it will be tough [not playing], but if you ask me now if I want to coach, I would say no - neither as a club manager nor as a President of a club.

"You start building your future when you are young. I've been developing my clothing line since I was 27 and I want my brand to continue growing because, in five, six, seven, 10 years, football will come to an end", he told 'El Mundo' Sunday supplement 'Papel'.
Ronaldo believes that life after football will "be a bit of a struggle" at first."But if you asked me now if I could see myself as a coach, I'd say no. Nor in club management or as a president either", he revealed.
"I think I'll enjoy myself more when my career is over, when I have time to do the things I like doing", he added. "You might say: you have an amazing job, money, cars, houses... But that's not everything. At the moment I'm 'making sacrifices', let's say, in inverted commas. But later on I want to live like a king".
Looking back to his humble beginnings, Cristiano Ronaldo recalled: "Leaving home at the age of 11 to enter a different world, first in Lisbon and then in Manchester, was very hard. I found stability from 11 to 18. That time I spent without my family and the tough times made me the person I am".
"I was an adolescent but I had to be an adult, to the point where I had to iron my own clothes. I never thought that I'd have to do that at the age of 11. My mental strength comes from that time", he said.

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