Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Ideye Brown’s Wife Reacts To Allegations That He Fathered Two Children With A White Woman

The drama in this 2016 no be small thing. Few days after a white woman released photos claiming she has two children for Super Eagles player Ideye Brown, his wife and mother of his sons, Damka Ideye took to her Instagram page to react to the report.
See what she wrote below…
“Dear All, my attention was drawn to this account on IG,which has for the last few weeks been used for the single purpose of discrediting me and my family. The acct claims my husband has 2 children he fathered in Kiev,Ukraine. It claims the boy is 3 years old and alleges ‘my husband hasn’t come to see him’ hence, the campaign.Then goes on to claim they have a girl together who just turned 1 on Dec 20th,2015, which apparently also,he’s yet to ‘see’ Hmmmm..�� If there is a legitimate claim,am sure this beautiful,educated,social media savvy person,would have long taken a legal approach…I share this because perhaps they will also attempt to contact some of our good friends to further whatever agenda they have, also, because I’ve spent a good part of my adult life so far,advocating for people’s rights and educating my peers, and younger people to never stay SILENT in the face of any form of bullying or harassment and therefore will not shy away from doing same for myself. Where there are blessings, there are also curses lingering to weave their way in, if you allow it. The hate is real people(even from those you don’t know)but so is the LOVE❤️and that is where I choose to focus.My only prayer and wish for he/she/they is that, they “find some peace of mind” as we all prepare to usher in a wonderful new year in a few days☺️❤️✌��️”

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