Monday, 15 February 2016

Simpson red harsh-Claudio Ranieri

"It was a fantastic match, very fast, too many fouls, I don't know in a normal match if our two yellow cards were a sending off. Two normal fouls, but not for a yellow card. I think the referee was a bit more severe against us at that point
"They were two fouls, but not two yellow cards. It was a great match. I am sure 11v11, we win the match. The match was full of fouls,so why send off a player"

Claudio Ranieri v Arsene Wenger Head-to-head In Barclays Premier League 

13 Jan 2001
Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea

8 Sept 2001
Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal

26 Dec 2001
Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

1 Sept 2002
Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal

1 Jan 2003
Arsenal 3-2 Chelsea

18 Oct 2003
Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

21 Feb 2004
Chelsea 1-2 Arsenal

26 Sept 2015
Leicester 2-5 Arsenal

14 Feb 2016
Arsenal 2-1 Leicester

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