Monday, 25 January 2016

Arsene Wenger: Costa got Mertesacker sent off

"We cant influence the decision of the referee. Costa got 2 player sent off in 2 games on our side so he's clever"
"Mertesacker made the challenge but I said he got Mertesacker sent off. You cant say it's not true"

"In the 1st game he got Gabriel sent off& 2nd game he got Mertesacker sent off"

"Did he touch him or not? I'll have to watch it again. I dont accuse him of anything, it's what happened

Arsenal Goal Drought Against Chelsea
Arsenal goal drought against Chelsea in Premier League.

Arsenal 0-1 Chelsea 24th January, 2016
Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal 19th September, 2015
Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea 26th April, 2015
Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal 05th October, 2014
Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal 22nd March, 2014
Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea 23rd December, 2013
Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal 20th January, 2013* {last goal}

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