Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Did Nigerians Deserve Oliseh Insults?

The Super Eagles Coach used his Youtube video account to lash out at Nigerians who question his team elimination from the just concluded CAF CHAN Championship in Rwanda by labeling them INSANE.

Responding to the criticism which follows the group stage elimination of the Home Based Super Eagles from the Biennial event, Sunday Oliseh who had earlier insulted the Nigeria Football Federation before and after the tournament by accusing them of not feeding his players and refusing to submit a result to the Football Federation after the team elimination said he never begged nor wanted the Super Eagles job.

His Youtube rant "I am addressing this insanity that has befallen some of our critics and i call it insanity because you must be insane to start seeking a plebiscite on the future of Nigeria's national team coach because we lost CHAN"

"CHAN is the least important competition held by CAF and a tournament that weighed more on the strength of the leagues against another. You can see how far Congo and Mali have gone, what then should be done to the coaches of Ghana and South Africa who did not even qualify? the ex-international asked

"I am sad that we lost the tournament but this constant insanity, that each time the super eagles lose, some usual critics go on air seeking a plebiscite as regards the future of the super eagles coach. This is madness" he added that " I am serving Nigerians and am not serving these critics. And the (Criticism) that is unfortunate is the one coming from my ex-colleagues. Funny enough, these ex-colleagues who are the most critical ones were sitting on the bench when we were playing. They were coming on sporadically to contribute and not the real actors who made the Super Eagles what it was then but they are the ones we hear loudest now". Throwing a stone?
As if that wasn't enough Oliseh continued "And today, they were still doing the same thing they were doing then- sitting and talking. If you feel you are good enough, go for a coaching course or start coaching and show what you can do"

The super eagles coach added that "I didn't beg for this job (Super Eagles Job) and didn't even want this job-(Can you imagine?) I refused it twice and it took the the intervention of a highly respected friend of mine who was in government to concede, and i took it not to serve special interest, i took it to serve Nigerians" (Can anyone who doesn't want a job perform better in the job? and why was Oliseh grumbling that he ought to have been appointed instead of Stephen Keshi when the BIG Boss got the job? was he begging for the job then?)

He continued"For the critics, you can say what you like and trying to hurt us or get us out so that you can put your people who you can manipulate, you are free to but as far as i am concern, what you are doing is unfair and you are not only hurting me or my team but you are also hurting Nigerians"

He added that "What if now we start fighting ourselves and do not qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations or the next World Cup, what does it benefit the nation itself? i could understand initially when people were criticism that i don't have experience, but now that i have gotten the job, any sane person should rally round the coach until he fails, we have not failed in any way( Really?) because my predecessors were judged after they failed to qualify us for the Nations Cup or World Cup, then why pass judgement on us when we are still on track to qualify the country for the Nations Cup and the World Cup?" He concluded

While i was seething on watching his video, Chief Festus Adegboye Onigbinde, the respected Nigerian Football technocrat summed up my feelings when he responded to Oliseh insult this way"The first issue is about his appointment which he claimed he didn't begged for the job, in other words, the NFF begged him, and i begin to ask what qualities did the NFF see in him and begged to have him lead the Super Eagles?"
Festus Onigbinde
"I still feel it is a big slap on the country to appoint a Nigerian or foreigner who has never handled any club or a big team before to handle the super eagles. That is an insult, and now the insult is now being complicated. Oliseh is now calling his critics insane, i watched the video and at a point shedding tears for  Nigerian Football but we deserve it..."

The former super eagles coach sited his dealing with the Vincent Enyeama case as a pointer to Oliseh lack of man management skill and lack of experience as a coach, and questioned Oliseh's frequent foreign travel for medical treatment faulting the NFF for not verifying his health status before his appointment.
Enyeama and Oliseh
Although there have been reports making the round that Sunday Oliseh has apologize to Nigerians and the NFF, but a scribe of the NFF denied this.


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