Saturday, 2 January 2016

Real Madrid's New Year Message to Fans

The president, Rafa Benítez, Laso, Ramos, Marcelo, Reyes and Llull wish all Real Madrid fans a Happy New Year.
2015 is coming to a close and the president of Real Madrid, the managers and the captains of the football and basketball teams have got together to wish all the Real Madrid fans a Happy New Year. Florentino Pérez, Rafa Benítez, Pablo Laso, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Felipe Reyes and Sergio Llull expressed their wishes and aims for 2016.

Florentino Pérez: “We hope that Real Madrid fans can enjoy new titles" 
I wish everyone good health, work, well-being and happiness. And I hope that those of us who form a part of the wider Real Madrid family can enjoy winning new titles. I am certain that they will arrive because we have great sides, both in terms of football and basketball. At Real Madrid we promise work and responsibility so that everyone that loves this badge and shirt is always proud of this club".

"Our Foundation is the charitable soul of this club and we will keep working in order to help those most in need, especially children. May all your dreams come true in 2016".

Benítez: “We are going to give everything to get wins”
“All Real Madrid fans can be certain and assured that we are going to work to the maximum to get wins. We want to win titles for the fans and from here until the end we are going to put all our effort into doing that".
Ramos: “Let's hope we can celebrate titles with our fans"
"On a personal level, I hope injuries stay away, and that it is a good year of football, and for me and my family too. On a professional level, I hope it is a successful 2016, that we finally achieve consistency, balance, stability and that we find the best way of playing, keep it up, and reach the end of the season as strongly as possible in order to win titles and celebrate them with our fans".

Marcelo: “I hope we enjoy a successful season"
"I hope that we have lots of success, I hope that we can all enjoy football and celebrate a successful season together".

Laso: “In 2016 we hope to even improve on 2015"
"As a manager I always ask for the same thing, that my players do not get injured and good health, what I would wish for anyone. Apart from that, I hope that everything will be positive and we always believe that aside from the fact that we had great 2015, we aim for an even better 2016 and to always have the support of the Real Madrid fans",

Reyes: “I ask for good health and a successful year for Real Madrid fans"
“I ask for good health in the New Year, that is what's most important, and then of course, let's hope it is a very successful year for all Real Madrid fans both football and basketball.

Llull: “We hope to repeat what we did last year"
"I hope the New Year is just as good as last year. It was a really successful year for us, and we hope to be able to repeat what we did last year, with lots of effort and dedication".

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